A Grandmother From The Village Of Bereliku Saves The Statue of Our Lady In The Middle Of The Malacca Flood

Editor: Augustine Bobe,

MALACCA, LINTASTIMOR.COM– The grandmother who saved theĀ  statue of the Virgin Mary in the midst of the flood, the Benenai River was named Rosalina Luruk.

He is more concerned with the symbol of the Catholic Church as a believer in the Holy Mother of Mary and a prayer for mankind.

It is better to save Mother Mary than to save earthly possessions.

When the flood hit the Malacca Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Grandma Rosalina Luruk took the statue and held it tightly against her chest so that it would not be released fromĀ  her hanfs and carried away by the flood water ( agust bobe)

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